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7 Tips For Postcard Mailing Success

September 14, 2009

Consider a Larger Sized Postcard
Get prospects and customers attention with different sizes. For just a little more you can use a jumbo postcard to stand out in their mail. Instead of a 4”x6” try sending a 5”x7”, 6”x8” or 6”x11” postcard.

2. Remember the Billboard Rule
Billboards need to be eye-catching and informative, but not so informative that drivers can’t read its message in a couple of seconds. Postcards, especially the front, are similar. Get your prospect or customer’s attention with one image or photograph that is in some way related to your company or offer. You only have a few seconds to make them want to know more. Keep your message concise; don’t try to clarify all the details. Give them just enough information to persuade them to act. Eliminate unnecessary words. Use shorter words versus longer words.

3. Make an Enticing Offer
Evaluate your offer from your customer’s point of view. Your prospects want to feel like they are getting something unique or their money’s worth and more. Make them feel rewarded for taking you up on your offer. If you are selling something tangible or a service offer an incentive, for example, “FREE” or “50% OFF.”

4. Think about Your Timing
Try timing your postcard mailing so it arrives on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The amount of mail delivered in the US on these days is usually lighter and your postcards won’t have to contend with a lot of other mail delivered on other days of the week. Specifically try to avoid having your postcards delivered on Monday. It’s usually the biggest mail delivery day of the week plus it is a very busy day for most people and they have less time to go through their mail.

5. Start with a Good Mailing List
Make sure your postcards go to prospects likely to be interested in your offer …and who also have a proven record of acting on offers that interest them. For example, mail them to customers of non-competing businesses that sell to your targeted market, or subscribers to publications read by prospects in your targeted market, or to prospects who in the past requested information about products or services similar to those you offer. You can get all of these lists from most mailing list brokers.

6. Is VDP (Variable Data Printing) Appropriate for Your Campaign?
VDP allows marketers to send postcards that are relevant to the individual recipient with variable images, messages and offers based on demographic, psychographic or transactional data. For example, with VDP you can create mail pieces to target middle income families, affluent singles, first-time buyers or boat owners … all by designing imagery and content that is relevant to each prospect group. The benefit of VDP is an increase in return on investment. Research shows that response rates for direct mailings utilizing VDP are four to six times higher than direct mailings without this technology.

7. Try Using Personal URLs
A study by the Direct Marketing Association indicates that 43% of all direct mail marketing respondents take their direct marketing piece right over to the computer and use the Internet to complete the transaction, find more information, or request additional information. A personalized URL directs customers to a website created especially for them. A car dealership, for example, may use postcard marketing to send postcards to anyone interested in a hybrid vehicle.

Postcards may not be the marketing tool people think of first in our modern high-tech business world. But that’s too bad since they can be a very cost-effective way to generate website traffic and sales leads… if you do it right

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  1. September 14, 2009 11:27 am

    Well said Great information, keep up the great work!

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