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Goodwill Catching

October 17, 2012

Building goodwill with existing customers may be more fruitful than seeking new customers, says Joseph Jaffe in his book, Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones. Creating lasting customer relationships, gaining repeat business, and turning happy customers into promoters can keep sales up and marketing costs down.

Acknowledgment: Show your gratitude when customers buy with a good old-fashioned thank you and by treating them differently when you communicate. Start by acknowledging existing customers in your direct mail and email marketing.

Dialogue: Dialogue is the way to maintain newly established relationships. Ask what they like and don’t like in open forums or in a one-on-one conversation. If you hear bad news, look into it and let them know what you learned and how you’ve reacted.

Incentives: To gain loyal customers, show your loyalty in return with special promotions for customers and unexpected treats that differentiate your business from the competition.

Activation: If you’ve created a differentiated experience, establish a community where your customers can sing your praises to potential new customers.

What’s your plan to catch some goodwill today?

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