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Silver Linings, the Movie and Future for Printers

November 8, 2012

Commercial Printing Companies have to be concerned as more and more traditional printing moves to electronic versions of the same media.  But there is a Silver Lining for savvy printers that know that there will always be a need for printing and if used correctly can be the most effective marketing medium available.  All you have to do is look around during your normal day and you will see that print is everywhere including menues, packaging, posters, business cards, special interest magazines and the list goes on and on.  

The Silver Lining in the title of this blog refers to two things One, that there are opportunities for printers who are willing to adapt to a digital world and two, it was the title of a sneak preview movie that I was invited to watch.  Silver Linings Playbook, the movie, staring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, will be in theaters November 16th and I highly recommend it. But what really got my attention is the clever way they are creating buzz about the movie by giving out nicely printed postcard sized cards to guests as they leave the preview. Each card gives instructions on how to help spread the word about the movie.  

In the photo below you will see that the card gives details on how to use Social Media to spread the word via three specific platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The instructions are very clear on how to promote the film on each Social Media platform so it makes it easy to share on your networks.  Printing was the perfect medium to make this campaign work.  No one wants to stand around after the movie so by putting this in the viewers’ hands it is something tangible they can take home and interact with at their leisure. And after I did follow the instructions on the card I passed it along to a friend and now they will probably check out the sites listed on the card.  

So by using printing the marketers for this film reached me, my facebook fans, my twitter followers, my instagram followers and whomever gets the passed-along card.  This same idea would be a great idea for restaurants, and any really any retail type business. Great job!




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