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How To Make Your Company’s Brochure Stand Out

August 18, 2015

Brochures are perfect for getting a message across. It might be a product offer or branch opening. They can be distributed in a multitude of ways; at a trade show, via direct mail or at points of purchase. However you decide to distribute them they all Brochures Printingneed to follow a few basic principles. By following these principles you will ensure that your design has impact and purpose, generating that ROI that you expect.

Able To Grab Immediate Attention
You want it to grab people’s attention, as soon as they first look at your brochure. The overall look, colors, fold, and the graphics need to be both attention-getting while at the same time capturing the message you are trying to get convey. Be careful not to use photographs, or graphics that require too much interpretation. It is best to keep your brochures simple and easily recognizable. Do not skimp on cheap photographs. If you do not have the ability to take quality photographs, hire a professional.

Solve A Problem
With any product. or service, you are solving a problem for the intended client. Make it clear how your product, or service, will help the customer with their needs or wants. Sayings like ‘Cut your energy bill in half’rather than ‘super efficient air conditioning’. People are more likely to relate to the first option and imagine how they will benefit from having to pay less each month in utility bills. You can still list the main features but first you have to get their attention. Refrain from just listing a bunch of specifications of your product without leading with the benefit to your customer.

Say What You Mean
Do not mince words. Attempt to get your message across with as few words as possible. However, do not use too few words where the reader loses the meaning of the brochure. You just need to leave out lengthy text that can get confusing. Bullet points and short sentences are a great way to summarize your message. This will make the Brochure easier to review quickly. Besides, you are just trying to catch their interest enough so you can follow up with a personal conversation. The brochure is not intended to be the full story. Always make sure to check the details such as dates, and other details so that reprinting costs are avoided.

Set A Friendly Tone
Of course, this will vary by industry but it is important to have a natural voice that reflects your target group you are trying to Brochures Printingreach. These days a brochure that sounds too professional may actually be off-putting. A more friendly and informal voice will give your audience a better feel about your company.

Last But Not LeastHave A Call To Action
Ask the audience to do something! Whatever you are trying to have them do, ask them. It may be to call you, go to a website, or download a white paper. Along with this, always include your contact details, as some people may want to skip what you have asked them to do, and would rather pick up the phone and call you.

Good luck with your brochure and be sure to contact Ussery Printing for any further suggestions!

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